We make Real Estate pay for itself

We See Value Where Others Don’t. We Create Value Where Others Can’t.

We help our clients create wealth so they can fully experience life, but that’s just the beginning. We know how to get the most out of any property. We take the initiative and find great opportunities for you. Through revamping, re-doing, repositioning, and reinvigorating we transform every property into a worthy return. There are no surprises. Whether you are the sole investor in a property or a partner in one of our projects, we know how much everything costs and how much you’ll be rewarded. Our in-depth knowledge and hands-on approach will help put you in the best position now and well into the future.

types of investments

lifecycle of trust deed investment:


hard money straight loan investment returns:

(15% return on hard money loans)


lifecycle of combination investment:


hard money combo loan investment return:


lifecycle of full financing and equity partner investment:


COMPLETE Financing OF PROJECT investment return:


investment return comparison

the extraordinary difference:

success stories

Extraordinary Real Estate is so much more than your typical real estate agent. He knows his stuff; he’s smart, thorough and disciplined. He found me properties that had “hidden value” and I have been delighted by the returns on my real estate investments. He consulted on the projects, made smart decisions throughout the process, and added a lot of value with his knowledge of the market, and accurately determining and marketing to the ideal buyers for this property. I would highly recommend Matt and his services to my family and friends. You really can’t say too many good things about Matt. He is just plain extraordinary!
— Created over $5000 in passive income for Alejandro Ortiz
Matt looks out for his clients and keeps their best interests in mind when structuring a real estate solution for them. He works with investors to reach their goals, not his interests. He is very knowledgeable about the entire process of investing and property management and he knows his market very well. He is passionate about real estate, he does what he says he’s going to do, and he is committed to his clients. If you have a dream of building a real estate portfolio and retiring early, then he’ll get you there. By working with Matt, I purchased five properties and was able to retire in 2 and a half years!
— Kirk N. purchased five properties and was able to retire in 2 and a half years!
On a scale of 1-10, Extraordinary Real Estate is a 12! They have a really great handle on the big picture while thoroughly understanding the tactics required to make it happen effectively. They are goal oriented just like me so I found that we really aligned. They are bottom line focused on driving net profit at the same time being efficient with the investment. They are very honest and exceeded the goal within the established time period.
— Mike Van
Two things that describe Extraordinary Real Estate, honesty and success. With the 4th or 5th house I invested in with Extraordinary I made between 15%-20% of money back with no effort. What opened up for me in my life was extra cash flow to pay for my kid’s private education. The time length of the investment was done in an efficient and effective manner and I would definitely refer more of my family and friends. I already done a couple houses myself so I know the process inside and out. Through experience with Extraordinary, the team knows what they are doing and I’m very impressed with the efficiency and design knowledge and skill. Extraordinary has a great eye when it comes to attention to detail and style.
— Ian Reed